domorinthos | Olympic Committee 2004 headquarters – 2001

Olympic Committee 2004 headquarters – 2001

Administration Facilities for 2004 Olympic Game Committee Eurobank headquarters, Nea Ionia - 2001


Architectural Study:
G.Arahovitis, architect
L.Bobou-Arahovitou, architect
I.Pantos, architect
A.Eleftheroudakis, architect
N.Fisfis, architect
M.Demetrelou, architect
M.Mavridou, architect
G.Tsekoura, architect
M.Leza, civil engineer
G.Polizos, civil engineer

Structural Study:
F.Karydakis-I.Mavrakis & Partners, civil engineers

Study of Mechanical and Electrical Services:
TEAM E-M, consulting engineers

Passive Fire Study:
C.Sapenman, architect

Sustainable Design Study:
G.Kontoroupis, professor NTUA

Landscape Study:
A.Marmataki, agriculturist



Area of Plot: 21.000,00 m2
Building Area: 60.000 m2
Client: Sato Ltd, Anastilotiki Ltd
Budget: 1.600.000.000 GRD
Construction Date: 2003


A Complex of seven distinctive buildings. It was constructed on the site of an existing factory, a former textile industrial complex, with an addition of two new buildings.
Initially design to house the 2004 Olympic Game Committee and later on bought by Eurobank and now occupied by the Headquarter Office of Eurobank Co.
It consists of office spaces, conference center for 600 people, restaurant, bar, 720 underground parking spaces.
The design was based on the conservation and use of the old shells, in the unity and diversity of the buildings, in the preservation of scale in the overall complex, in the sustainable approach and in the combination of materials.
The complex represented Greece in the "Μies van Der Rohe" prizes in Barcelona in 2005.